Data Warehouse Construction
Mission critical data for today's reporting and decision making may exist on dissimiliar systems making real-time interrogation and reporting impossible. The answer is Data warehousing. Let us show you how to make the most of what you already know about your business and customers..
Legacy Application redevelopment
Are you chained to a "green screen". Let us find cost-effective solutions to set your legacy applications free. We can provide anything from terminal emulations with enhanced capabilities, Direct client/server Interfaces through custom middleware or complete redevelopment onto new platforms. With our third party process analysis we can make your new application fit more seamlessly into you current work environment.
Put it on the Web, for superior performance in bandwidth challenged environments, and for faster ROI and lower costs of rollout and maintenance. Today's businesses are going to the Web. We can put you there too.
Custom Application Development
Standalone, Client/Server, N-Tier (Web Enabled). It doesn't matter. We have produced products including, virtual offices, point of sale systems, automation control system, and web-enabled database systems. What can we do for you?